Cannot reference events in unity

Some time ago i created my original menu scene and referenced the menu music and sound using an event emitter and it worked like it’s suposed to.
However in any other scene that was created after this (or the scene i’m now working on) i cannot reference or play any event.
We are working using plastic for version control and so we the team can work in the project simultaneously.

I’m afraid we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue: When we test FMOD events can be referenced and played in any scene in a project.

We must therefore being doing something differently to you.

Is your source control solution integrated into FMOD Studio by a script? Or is your source control solution entirely external to FMOD Studio? If it’s external, it’s possible that it’s blocking certain files from being saved correctly, or that certain files required files aren’t being added to the repository. Perhaps try checking whether all your FMOD Studio project’s files are present on all users’ machines?