Fmod + Unity3D: Repository inconsistency

I’m the only one in the project with Fmod installed. We’re encountering consistency issues when merging with the rest of the team. Is there a way to ensure that my soundbanks take precedence and that others don’t get prompted to update event addresses and other messages?

Thank you!

What source control system are you using? All the source control systems I know of should give you the option to use your changes instead of someone else’s, unless I am not understanding the problem correctly.

As for the event reference updater messages- if you delete an event or modify the name of an event that will trigger the Event Reference Updater. Someone is going to have to run it to make sure nothing is broken. That person can be you, or someone else in the team. In any case, if you commit those changes into the repo along with your banks, that should prevent anyone else in the team from needing to run the event reference updater.

Hi Jeff! Thanks for the quick response!

We are using Sourcetree. I run the Event Reference Updater when I am asked to, but I know some people still getting the prompt. I will keep an eye on that, just wanted to make sure that I was not missing any configuration or settings.