Some sounds interrupt others

Hi! I’m in charge of designing and implementing sound on a platformer. Unity implementation is taken care by a programmer of the team. We are having an issue when the character attacks or runs, which causes some ambient sounds to momentarily stop. Also, when running almost all sound goes silent, even the steps of running. I sort of checked the profiler and there seems not to be an overflow of voices. Also checked max instances in those sounds or their output chain and everything seems to be ok. I couldn’t find a post mentioning this in the forums so maybe someone has pointers to shed some light on the root of the problem?



What version of the FMOD integration are you using?

With the logging level set to Warning:
Are there any logs that you can share?

Hi! Sorry for the late response. Thanks for replying so quickly. I think the coders somehow fixed it but not sure what they did. Thanks again!

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