Can't build in mp3 format

I used an fsb extractor to copy some mp3 files out of an fsb file, modified some of the mp3 files, and want to build it back into an .fsb. However, in the original fsb, the extractor recognizes all file types as mp3, but I can not seem to build back into an mp3 file. When I use fsbank there are only obtions for PCM/XMA/AT9/Vorbis/FMOD ADPCM… doing google searches I found that some people were able to build in an mp3 format but I couldn’t find the option to do so… i’m new to fmod so I don’t know about the programming stuff… please help!!

To create an .fsb file in mp3 format, you will need to use a copy of FMOD Soundbank Generator from FMOD Studio version 1.08 or earlier. Information on using FMOD Soundbank Generator can be found in that application’s documentation.

That said, if you are hoping to use the resultant .fsb in an existing game whose code you do not have access to, you may run into difficulty. Most games are not designed to have their audio sample data swapped out in this fashion, and will produce unexpected results when played with the new .fsbs.

Thanks for the reply Joseph. I tried downloading FMOD studio 1.08 from the official download links but it did not seem to have fsbank included with it. Did I miss something? I’m assuming there is also no longer official support for the earlier versions?

FMOD Soundbank generator can be found in the FMOD Studio API installer, not in the FMOD Studio installer. My apologies for the confusion.