Can't get Live Update to work

So I might be misunderstanding the purpose of live update but I thought I could see what’s going on in FMOD while my Unity game is playing?

I followed the instructions here:

I played my game, and then connected in FMOD Studio. It connected, and the green “Live Update ON” turned on.

But when I click out of Unity to go into FMOD Studio, the game pauses in Unity and there’s no audio. Also, I don’t see anything actually HAPPENING in FMOD Studio.

I thought I would be able to see the events being triggered and the parameters changing live. But I don’t see or hear anything in FMOD Studio when my game is playing.

As far as being able to examine what is happening in your game while using Live Update, you can see the current metering levels of your game in the Mixer window, and you’ll be able to use the Profiler to record the game session, which includes things like tracking CPU/memory utilization, event lifetimes and virtualization, API calls, etc.

Unity pausing automatically when it loses focus will also cause the game’s FMOD system to stop updating, as the update loop of the FMOD system is tied to Unity’s update loop. It’s likely that you have “Run In Background” disabled in Unity, in Edit → Project Settings → Player → Resolution; try enabling it and seeing if that resolves the issue.