Fmod and Unity live update issue

While fmod is connected to unity’s playing game I can’t see the event running and there is no response to parameters changes. However I see in miixer view sound group and music group playing so in general it work.

I had some issues with making it work.
I added “FMOD_LIVEUPDATE” to Scripting Define Symbols.
Dunno why but it change it to “FMOD_LIVEuDATE”.

I have “#define FMOD_LIVEUPDATE” in FMOD_StudioSystem script,
'#if FMOD_LIVEUDATE #define RUN_IN_BACKGROUND #endif" in FMOD_Listener script.

Btw it is enough or should I define it in every game script I use audio with fmod?

I use Unity 5.1.0f3 and Fmod Studio 1.06.02 and connect to

It sounds like the banks you’re running in-game don’t match the events in the tool.