Can't get parameters to work!

I have tried and tried to get parameters to got for me on unreal engine. I’ve followed the steps literally step-by-step to where it looks exactly like the tutorial and for the sake of fried chicken I cant get the damn parameters to work! Anyone has had any similar experiences or potential solutions?

I’m using blueprints and using On Event Begin Overlap and End Overlap to kick off the “SET PARAMETER”, type in the name of the parameter, type in a value, and still it wont work. I’m able to print a string at the end of the chain so apparently something is going through. And yet the parameter does not change at all. Anyone with any potential solutions?

I fixed it! The solution was ticking on the box "Exposed recursively via event instruments/

I don’t know why that worked but it did.

I’m happy to hear that you managed to work it out!

The “Exposed recursively via event instruments” option allows parameters in referenced events that are being played by event instruments to have the values set via the parent event. If you were trying to set a parameter of an event being played by an event instrument, having that option disabled would be why it wasn’t working.