Cant get UE4.20 integration to work

Firstly let me clarify, that I carefully read and followed these instructions:

The problem: I want to use the lowlevel API of FMOD in UE4. However the compiler is not able to find the include files. I downloaded the correct version (UE4.20, latest FMOD) of the FMOD UE4 API from the site and unpacked the zip to the engine’s plugin folder. (Folder structure: f:\Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Plugins\FMODStudio). In the Unreal Editor it correctly appears as a plugin. I created a new project, and open it in Visual Studio. I add “FMODStudio” to the dependencies in Build.cs. I rebuilt the project. I tried to #include “FMODEvent.h” as suggested as a test, and add a testevent but it would not compile, it couldnt find the file. I even tried manually adding the header files to the include directories and the libs.

The question: what am I doing wrong?

I am only interested in Windows development, and I tried this with both precompiled engine binaries and with the github source code.

Okay it seems I figured it out. You need to run the project with the editor after modifying the build.cs file, reload the visual studio project, and after that you can include stuff. This is really dumb on many levels, however its not FMOD’s fault I guess.