Can't make a PS4 build in Unity when using FMod

We’re having trouble deploying to PS4. It seems like we can’t make a build in Unity to PS4 when FMod is in the project. It builds fine when all FMod related components from the project are deleted. We’re using FMod Studio + Unity integration version 1.08.12. Unity version 5.4. Any ideas?

Could you please provide some details about what is going wrong? Are you receiving error messages? or is there some log output you could share?

When trying to do a build to the PlayStation 4: The game won’t finish booting up and the PC hosted build says "Unable to resolve pinvoke method “FMOD.Memory:FMOD5_Memory_GetStats(int&, int&, bool)” Seems like someone on the Playstation forums had the same problem, I asked our programmer Josh Blidook, he said the solution to delete the .dlls didn’t work in our case.

We have identified a problem with the Unity integration.
You can resolve this by manually deleting the fmod.dll and fmodl.dll files from both the Plugins/x86 & Plugins/x86_64 folders.
This fix will be out next update.

This didn’t work for us unfortunately

It looks like you are then missing the ps4 specific dll’s. Please refer to