Cant use [EventRef] or [EventReference] in unity

I’m a bit new to scripting for this specific API.
There is a very simple script I took from scott games (i’m learning) and he uses [EventRef] that is obsolete on fmod 2.02. I’ve switched the [EventRef] to [EventReference] and unity still doesn’t want to compile. Switching from GUID to Path doesn’t work.


What version of Unity and FMOD are you using? Could I also grab a link to the tutorial you are using? Finally, could I get a code snippet that is failing to compile?

We provide an example script for some basic API functions in the Unity Integration | Scripting Examples section, which uses public FMODUnity.EventReference.

Hope this helps!

I used the [EventRef] before but now it works with the “public FMODUnity.EventReference …”

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