Caption Support

I was just wondering if there is any built in feature for FMOD Studio that I can leverage for subtitles/captions in my game, or if I would need to load additional external resources. Ex: a string “Explosion” attached to an explosion event that I can access when it’s called and display on screen. If not, it would be a great feature to see in a future release!

You could use a user property for this. User properties are custom variables associated with events that can be accessed from your game’s code. In your case, you could add to each event a “caption” user property whose value is a string.

You can assign user properties to an event by making the event active, then entering the user property and its value in the property inspector.

For information on user properties in the Programmer’s API, see


Thanks, this works for my current purposes, but I’m also wondering if a caption could be attached on a per sound basis within an event. An example of this would be a multi-sound event with multiple dialogue options within the event, with each sound having a different caption.