Sync captions and localized voices

I’m doing some localization and I’m using a loc audio table for it, with a programmer instrument.
It works fine, but I’d also like to sync the captions in some way. Is there a way to put some callbacks or something like it, so I can trigger the captions on screen?
I know you can in regular event, but is there a way with audio table data?

A programmer instrument generates a callback when it is triggered. When this callback occurs, your game’s code chooses an audio file or audio table entry to be played, and gives that information to the FMOD Engine.

Since your game’s code is what decides which audio file should play, and the callback indicates when this should occur, there is no reason why your game’s code can’t just display a caption corresponding to the content of the audio file whenever this occurs.

Yeah, that’s right, but what is the line is very long? I can’t have many lines of caption on screen, so I have to find a solution to have more than one line changing during the playing of the long line.
I found a way for this that’s time based, but it’s dodgy and not perfect, I’d prefer to be able to add callbacks in the wave files.

Unfortunately, FMOD does not currently support generating callbacks based on markers within audio files played from a programmer instrument.