Car Engine Boost - ON/LOOP/OFF - Help/Advice

Hi everyone!

I have a car engine boost set up in FMOD. Please see the screenshot.

I have a short video uploaded to youtube but it’s saying I can’t add links to this host?

My question is->
I’d like to control this with one parameter - an ON/OFF type of thing.

It’s currently set up so as I drag “boost on” parameter up, it starts, goes into the loop, then ends, but I’d really like to be able to turn it on when I drag the parameter up, and off when I drag the parameter down.

Is there any way of doing thing? If not, is there a better way to set this up than I currently have it?

Can you give me any advice or provide a tutorial which covers something that will translate across to this boost sound? Thanks so much!!!


Do you mean you want to trigger the start when the parameter starts going up, no matter the value, and conversely stop when it goes down?

Yes exactly! It seems like I somehow need to swap the start with the end when the parameter comes back down.

I know how to do this with a second parameter by automating the volume between the Start and end.

But is there a way to do it as you say, with the one parameter?

The cleanest way would be to program that logic in the game code. But if you absolutely want to do that in fmod, here’s a technique which should do the trick: Locomotive Engine Sounds -- A bit of an enigma - #3 by Alcibiade

Great! Thanks so much for that, It really helped.