Change example project locale not effect?

I’m learning what’s in the example project (in Documents\FMOD Studio\examples), but I’m having a strange problem.
Once I was auditioning event:/VO/Welcome, when I switched the Locale in the bottom right corner of the window, the audio that played out corresponded to a different language.
But when I copied the project to another path, switching the Locale again didn’t work.
Even if I put the file back to the original path, I can’t switch the language, only the English version is played.
I also tried reinstalling FMOD to get the unmodified example project, but still no effect.
Is there some operation I’m missing?

This is not possible. The “VO/Welcome” event doesn’t include any programmer instruments, so it doesn’t contain any mechanism for playing a different asset depending on the current locale; it will always play the “VO/English/vo_en_welcome.ogg” asset when auditioned.

Is it possible you’re remembering auditioning the “Dialogue” bank’s audio table? As a localized audio table, the asset it plays does change depending on the current locale, and it includes similar “Welcome to the FMOD Studio Tutorial” voice samples in multiple languages.

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I think maybe that’s what happened, probably because I’m not familiar enough with the software to remember exactly where I played this audio. Thank you for your reply!