Change the selected bank / locale of a Localized Audio Table on Unity?

I’m using Fmod 2.00.00, created a Programmer Instrument Event and I’m using an Localized Audio Table with 3 languages properly configured, generating 3 banks on build, one for each language.
I can play this event on Unity using the programmer instrument example with the keys, and it plays correctly, but only the first language.

How can I select a different language in Unity via the locale code.

The language is determined by the locale bank that is currently loaded.
There should only be one locale bank loaded at a time, you will need to unload the previous language’s bank before loading the new one. This then gives you access to the event’s using the same names but in a different language.


I disabled the loading of all language banks in FMOD configuration, and then used FMODUnity.StudioBankLoader to do the loading / unloading.


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