Change terminal TCP/IP default port (3663)

I want to communicate with several opened projects via terminal interface. I figured out that terminal works with last focused window, and I can focus from code a specific window before sending a command, but this is a very bad solution.

Is there a way to pass a parameter during launch or change port in runtime? Or maybe there’s another way to achieve what I want.

We don’t currently support interacting with multiple projects via script.

It’s unusual to be dealing with more than one project at a time. Could you tell us more about why you’re trying to use scripts to edit multiple projects? We might be able to suggest some other feature or method of achieving what you’re trying to do.

I’m making a server to remotely upload an audiofile to studio, execute some scripts, build and download banks so I can put them inside unity build. I need a possibility for several users to edit their own projects simultaneously on one server and I don’t want to use docker.

Is this system for sound designers working on games to use, or for players creating mods?

If it’s for developers, I recommend using our source control integrations, instead. They’re already designed to allow sound designers to edit FMOD Studio projects on remote servers.

If it’s intended to be a way for players to submit audio content to to be used in mods, I recommend checking out the Supporting Downloadable and User-generated Content chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual. It describes ways of letting players create content for your game without giving them free reign over your FMOD Studio project.

I should probably mention that FMOD Studio doesn’t support opening more than five projects simultaneously, which may be a concern, depending on the number of simultaneous users you expect to have.

This is for medical research project. My users (doctors) are not very familiar with computers. I’m making a simple in-game interface to hide complicated FMOD logic from them. So direct use of FMOD Studio is not an option.
The idea is there’s one readonly master project with default events and a hollow copy for each user with same banks and tags.

In that case, perhaps programmer instruments would be a workable alternative? They can be used to play arbitrary audio files specified by your game’s code at runtime. The files don’t need to be included in the project’s banks, and can be identified by file name at runtime by your game’s code, so you could entirely avoid having to edit and rebuild the FMOD Studio project.

The downside of using programmer instruments and loose audio files is that you won’t receive the benefit of FMOD Studio’s bank compression, and will have to rely on placeholder files when auditioning. However, given that you’re working on a medical research project, I suspect you may be less worried about size and performance than you would be otherwise.

Thanks, I will inspect that instrument. Does it support multi channel sound? I chose FMOD because I need to work with 4- and 8-channel sets

Programmer instruments support all the same channel formats as single instruments.