How can a fmod project quickly rebind port 3663

I encountered a question, when I opened two fmod projects and only the first project terminal “Connected to FMOD Studio on”, the second project was displayed “FMOD Studio couldn’t bind to port 3663.”. At this point I have to closed two projects and then open the second one, which a big project take a long time. I wonder if there’s any way to just closed the first one and the second one can reload or reconnected?


Just to clarify, are you opening the projects in different versions/instances of the FMOD Studio application? If you are opening two projects in the same instance, the two should share the same console scripting server, and as a result the port bind error shouldn’t occur. If you’re using different versions/instances, starting the second instance with the command line argument -script-server-port=1234 (or whatever port you wish to use) will ensure that the second instances uses a different port.

That said, I agree that being able to refresh the console’s scripting server without restarting the whole application would be useful, so I’ve added it to our internal feature/improvement tracker.

I open the projects in different versions of the FMOD Studio application. I use Windows system, I don’t know how to use the command -script-server-port=1234 (or whatever port you wish to use) you mentioned. I use this line of code os.system(project_path + " -script-server-port=43566") to start a project,but it doesn’t work, it still listen to port 3663. Is this command in the latest FMOD Studio version can be used?

You should use -script-server-port=1234 as a command line argument when opening FMOD Studio, not as a command within the FMOD Studio console. On Windows, for example, you could directly input it into a command line when starting Studio:

Or add it to a shortcut that starts Studio: