Fmod and Unity localization assets

Hello, I would like some guidance to understand what I need to to do,
i want to use the localization package asset in unity to localize string and different assets, and when i press play, i get the following warning -
[FMOD] Unable to load Dialogue_EN - bank already loaded. This may occur when attempting to load another localized bank before the first is unloaded, or if a bank has been loaded via the API.

also in relation to localization, when i choose a sound from the bank in english, i need to select the sound in french, that much i’m okay with
normally, only using unity built-in sound i would place an audio source and select a sound clip to play for each locales, and when changing the locales in play mode, the right sound would start playing from the beginning, as if changing locales just loaded the sound again.

how can i recreate this behavior using fmod emitter and how can i correct my warnigs problem mentionned above

thank you