Changelog for new versions


Is it possible to get the changelog along with new version of the Unity integration? If it is already included I can’t seem to find it, and would be grateful if somebody could point me to where I can :slight_smile:


I agree. The 1.03.07 update added many functions to the core, jumping from about 400 to over 4K lines, and unless you were tracking what each file could do, you wouldn’t have a clue.

Hi guys,

I have been meaning to start writing a changelog but things have been busy, bad excuse I know. To answer your specific query about the changes to fmod.cs, the entire Low-Level API has been exposed to the integration. We had previously had issues on iOS where our symbols collided with the FMOD Ex symbols inside Unity due to static linking. We renamed all our symbols to across all platforms to allow us to expose the entire API, the API is fully documented in the API installer fmodex.chm. We will be putting that both the low level and studio API documentation online in the near future for easy access.


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