Changing a parameter value over time or after some time?

Hello everyone! I’m kind of new at FMOD so appologies if my question is very basic.

I will use an example to show what I’m looking for because I’m not sure I can explain it well enough.
So, let’s say we have a player moving around a room and we have some background noises playing in a loop. What I want to do is have a LP filter slowly roll off as if the sounds start to get muffled over time. But my problem is I want this to start happening only when the player stops moving or stares at the same thing for a while. In addition, if the player starts moving again I want the effect to go away and start from the begining if they stop again.

Is this even possible? I feel I’m probably missing something because I’m still getting used to FMOD’s structure.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Harry,

That sounds very interesting.

If you have a parameter (eg. named “IsPlayerMoving”) that you pass the velocity of the player to, and then you can automate a lowpass filter that applies more of the filter the lower the parameter (ie. the player’s velocity) becomes. You can use a similar method to make sure the camera isn’t rotating.

By adding a slow seek speed to the parameter, you can control how long until the filter is applied and how fast it takes.

You can also use the built-in parameters direction and elevation if you wanted the same effect when looking at a specific event instance.

I hope this helped.



Hey Richard!

Thanks a lot! The game will actually be for Google VR, so it seems like I’ll have to use a combination of what you described, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the developer to send me the Unity project to really understand how it’s going to work.

I did mess around with direction and elevation in FMOD though, and combined with the seek speed it seems to be working just fine! I hope I can find my way around the coding side as well.

Thanks again!