Sound designer controlled parameter crossfades

I’m trying to control the time Fmod Studio transitions between parameter values within an event.

We know that the desired parameter changes are working within our game. However when these changes occur, they are instantaneous. I would like the transition to take place over, let’s say, 5 seconds. I would like to handle these transitions myself as opposed to taking up our programmer’s time.

Is there a way for me to handle this myself within Fmod Studio? If so, I’ve been looking in all the wrong places and could use a nudge in the right direction.


If you click on the parameter tab, then the deck will contain a dial for smoothing you can adjust. By default it’s zero which mean instantaneous changes.

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Thank you very much, Nicolas.

For a bit more clarification to anyone with the same question:

Initially clicking on a parameter’s tab does not display these dials within the deck. However, left-clicking the parameter tab again (NOT double-click) will display these dials. Also, “smoothing” refers to seek speed within this docked GUI.

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This one was a bit of a mind bender but I think I have an idea of what you’re looking for. Essentially what you’re looking to do is change the seek speed based on parameter. This is not possible as of the date of this post and would make a great feature request. So instead you’ll have use the timeline in order for you control how long you want your transitions to be.

I’ve attached a picture to give you a better idea of what I’ve done:

Time Specific Transitions

As you see, you’ll need to do all permutations of param==>param and vice versa. Although this is cumbersome, you do save your programmer from making this (even though it might be faster for them to do it :S) and also you have complete control over the length of transition from one param to another while making multiple automation changes. Notice in the Transition Timeline I didn’t specify what the automation line should do. It will automatically do it for you by default. If you want, you can make it go crazy for the specified amount of time. In the example photo I posted, I made it 5 seconds as per your spec. If you still need help with this, send me a message and I’ll send you the project file that I made.

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