Different Seek Speed In Each Parameter Preset Instance

Hi! We’re at a late stage with a game we’re working on and have a question about an easy way to accomplish a certain task.

We have a ‘velocity’ preset parameter that is being used across a bulk of events in-game. On certain instances only we would like to introduce a slower seek speed (it’s set to ‘Instant’). This might not be possible, but is there a way we can set a custom seek speed for specific instances of this parameter? I know we can duplicate the parameter, call it something like ‘velocity_slow’, and adjust the seek speed, but because we’re at the tail end of this I was hoping there might be a way to tweak this at a per-event level on our end (we’re doing the sound) so the devs don’t have to update a bunch of events in Unity itself.

Any suggestions/hacks welcome!


It might be a bit hacky but you probably could automate another private parameter on your velocity parameter, with the seek speed you want, and use the new parameter on those events (using the replace function). That way, the code would not have to be changed.

Automating an event-specific parameter on another parameter, as Alcibiade suggests, would be an effective solution that would require no special code.

You could also potentially create multiple different preset parameters with the same name. This would allow you to give each version its own seek speed, though you’ll have to put each such preset parameter in a different preset parameter folder to avoid name/path clashes.

Thank you both for the replies! I think we’re going to go with your second suggestion Joseph as it would allow us to use those slower seek speeds as presets quickly and easily. Thanks again!