Parameter Velocity

New Studio user here, just a quick question about setting up parameters. Hopefully this should be really simple and I’m just missing something obvious.

I briefly used Designer and I remember you could assign a velocity to a parameter; is there a similar feature in Studio? I basically want a kind of track speed behavior on the parameter.

I couldn’t see anything in the docs but maybe I’m looking for the wrong thing.


In FMOD Studio, every event automatically has a “Timeline” parameter. The value of this parameter automatically progresses when the event is triggered; It can do everything a parameter with velocity could do in Designer 2010.

Hi, thanks very much for the reply.

I see, I hadn’t thought about using the timeline for this. I’m still not sure if this can achieve the effect I’m looking for though. Can the timeline parameter be forced to stop without using sustain points? Likewise can it track backwards and forwards through time rather than just progressing in one direction? And wouldn’t using the timeline for this mean being limited to only one parameter per event (at least for controlling the event in this way).

All I’m looking to do really is be able to set my parameter (in game) and have it progress from its current value to the target value over a period of time (units per second), rather than instantly.

I opened an old Designer project in Studio, that had this use of parameter velocity, and it still worked as intended. This led me to believe that this functionality is still there but maybe just for backwards compatibility?

Anyway, thanks again for the help.

I think that what you’re asking for is “Seek Speed”, not “Velocity”, which were distinct in FMOD Designer. Setting a Velocity on a parameter in Designer would cause it to move forward of its own accord. Setting the Seek Speed on a parameter would cause it to move from its current value to its new value over time, rather than instantaneously.

I, for one, agree that Seek Speed would be quite a valuable addition to the mix.

So, FMOD Folks, any thoughts on Seek Speed in Studio?

My mistake, thanks for clearing this up – I haven’t got Designer installed at the moment so I didn’t check the terminology. I can see how my original post was confusing though so apologies for that!

So yeah, if seek speed isn’t a feature in studio yet I think it would be a great one to add. It would make controlling parameters in game much easier.

Thanks again to both of you.

Ah, you meant seek speed; Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, we do plan to add seek speed to FMOD Studio. (In fact - just between us - it’s technically there already. There’s no UI for it, but if you import a Designer project that includes seek speed or manually edit it into the event’s xml file, Studio will make changes to parameter values gradually rather than instantaneously.)

Seek speed hasn’t been our top priority, since it’s reasonably easy to replicate the behaviour in game code, but we will get there eventually… Once we’ve crossed a few more things off our things-to-do list.