Changing mixer strip fader level has no effect?

Hello Firelight!

I’ve been trying to implement an effect in FMOD / Unity that involves slowly pulling up the fader level of a return with DSP effects from 0f to 1f. I’ve been able to successfully get the FMOD.Studio.MixerStrip component like so:

private FMOD.Studio.MixerStrip distortion_mixer;

public void Start()

FMOD.GUID temp = new FMOD.GUID();
ERR_CHECK(studio.System.lookupID("bus:/Distortion", out temp);
ERR_CHECK(studio.System.getMixerStrip(temp, FMOD.Studio.LOADING_MODE.BEGIN_NOW, out distortion_mixer));


and then modify the fader level between 0 and 1 in a later function with:


but it doesn’t have any effect? I’ve connected FMOD Studio via live update to the game, and dragging the fader within Studio shows the effect working correctly (it receives audio input and applies the effect just fine), but setting it via the script is not working (I’ve checked that the fader value IS being set correctly as it gets posted to Debug.Log after each change). Doing the same process for the Global bus (“bus:/Global”) works just fine… Am I missing something?

Running Unity 4.5.5, FMOD Studio 1.04.02, both FMOD and Unity have the sound banks / GUIDs synced correctly, and this line definitely exists in my GUIDs.txt:

{cdf573bd-1a46-4f8a-b755-f605ac5fe85a} bus:/Distortion

Thanks in advance!

Bus::setFaderLevel() sets the fader relative to the level set at design time. i.e. the value passed in is multiplied by the value from the tool. Since the value you’ve set in the tool is -80db (zero linear), the final level will also be zero.

Try setting the level in the tool to 0db.


Perfect, solved it in one. Thanks for saving me the growing headache.