Character Pivot Causing Anim Notify not play as its under the Floor

We have assembled characters at runtime, where the base pivot for them is set below the foot. While the walking animations are playing, the pivot can go below the floor causing the anim notify to be occluded. We are using Anim Notify with Occlusion settings set to “Visibility”. It seems like its emitting the Anim Notify from the Pivot and because the floor has collison, it occludes the footsteps sounds or any other sound attached to the animation.

We would like advice on how to fix this issue as its not possible for us to change the pivot of the character.

While I’m unsure of the specifics of your use-case, there’s a couple of ways to solve this, depending on what exactly you need:

  • When “bFollow” is true in FMOD’s anim notify, you can use the “AttachName” variable to specify a named point (i.e. something that isn’t the root) within the component that you want to play the event at
  • You could modify the FMOD anim notify, or create your own copy of it, that manually specifies a relative point or transform position higher than the root
  • You could also use a different occlusion channel, or create your own one, that excludes the floor of the level, or otherwise doesn’t work based on visibility, etc.

Good suggestions! I can second that.

On my team we build a FMOD anim notify, which attaches two things to the foot:
The line trace of the surface material and the FMOD component AND we copied that for the left and right foot. So, that’s max detail for footstepsounds with not too much efford.