UE4 PlaySound anim notify and FMOD Notify Play Event - Volume and pitch problem

Hi there…
In UE4 I can use Play Sound notify which gives me a possibility to change volume and pitch multipliers inside particulat notify…
FMOD Play sound Notify Event doesn’t allow that. How should I approach the situation when I want lower the volume or change pitch of the FMOD Notify sound event like in the UE4 original one ? Do I need to have multiple events to address that kind of situation ?


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Thanks for Your reply, can You tell me one more thing ? In the notify I can set sound to follow the bone from the animated object, how can I attach sound to selected bone in this BP ? Should I just attach to component of Mesh Comp of Received Notify node ?

The second problem is that I can’t play it like You, it never plays what I put into that Received Notify const method that overrides the default behavior… am I missing something ? what Version of UE4 and FMOD You’re using ?

There is a blueprint (left) and a c++ (right) version of the notify code that you can modify.

I was testing with UE4.25 & FMOD 2.00.

Managed to do that, now it works like it should be, thanks a lot.