Transition between 2 adjacent clips causes a click


Hi all,

Excuse my terminology, I’m just starting in FMOD so I may not get everything right.
I’m trying to create an event for a foghorn that can be controlled by the player. I created a sample in Cubase which consists of 2 parts: An attack and a looping part. I exported these 2 parts as 2 separate wave files (16-bit 44.1kHz).
If I import these 2 wave files back into Cubase and align them they transition smoothly.
However, if I add the two wave files to an audio track in FMOD Event Editor I hear a click right at the transition between the clips. When I zoom in on the waveform I can’t see anything wrong, they align perfectly.

What makes it even more interesting is that if I manually place the playhead somewhere else than at 0:00, this influences the click. In some positions it isn’t there anymore and the transition sounds fine.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

The 2nd clip loops fine without clicking if I make it a loop region.


Do the two sound files end and begin at a zero crossing?


It’s a stereo file so while the left channel is at a zero crossing, the right channel isn’t.
The click is indeed in the right channel. However:

  1. The waveform is continuous between the 2 clips, so there shouldn’t be a click.
  2. The final samples of both clips are identical and when looping the 2nd clip it doesn’t give a click.
    Interestingly enough when I copy the 2nd clip and paste it right behind the original the result also gives a click… Why does looping a clip sound different from playing the same clip twice in sequence?


FMOD Studio is designed for use with audio files that begin and end with zero crossings. To avoid undesirable clicks, please use such files.


Ok, that’s a little inconvenient but it’ll have to do. Thanks for your time!