Command Instrument Bug?

Hey people. I’ll keep it short and to the point. Context: I use FMOD 2.01.01

I am trying to change a User:Discrete parameter by using a Command Instrument, but it’s not setting the parameter right. Instead of going from the initial value of 0 to 1 (which I set up properly in the Command Instrument) it shows that it’s still 0 with the weird yellow/orange quarter circle in the top right corner of the paramater value. This happens after the Command Instrument gets triggered.

Picture below for how it looks like when it happens:

Any idea on what’s causing this (or what I’m doing wrong)?

The current value is indicated by the orange dot (see So I think it’s setting the parameter. Try to automate or modulate something based on the parameter value to quickly test if it works, it does for me.

Thanks for the reply, this worked!

The visual feedback in this way wasn’t really clear to me this way, but I understand now. Cheers!