Question about command instrument in 2.1 version

Hello , i am glad to see the new additions in 2.1 and i was playing with them in example project.
One thing caught my attention while i was testing command instrument.

  • I made two new test events and in the event A i made a new parameter.
  • Than on the timeline of event B i placed two command instruments.
    First one to start the event A and second one to change the value of the parameter in event A
  • I had to change the type of parameter to global for this to work
  • I tried it and it worked but after i pressed stop the value of the parameter stayed on the last value and didn`t came back to initial value like i would expect.
  • So i again played the event B but since the parameter stayed changed the logic didn`t work as intended.
  • I bypassed it by putting a third command instrument a bit later to change it back to initial value and it worked.

So the parameter is not stuck it just doesn`t go to initial value.
Is this by design or a bug?
Thank you

This is to be expected. Global parameters exist constantly so if you adjust the parameter’s value at any point, it will stay at that value unless explicitly told otherwise. The won’t reset their values if an event using it stops.

Ok thank you