Command Instrument in Scatterer Instrument?

I have a Scatterer Instrument which contains a Nested Event & a Command Instrument.

The Command Instrument is set to increment a parameter value from the Nested Event. The scatter instrument is setup to play sequential, so that every 2-5 seconds it plays the Nested Event, and then every 2-5 seconds it increments the parameter.

It works great in Studio, and in my Built Banks from Unity, but when I validate the project, I get the error: “Studio has detected some objects within the project are in an invalid state” with the details:

"Files containing invalid command instrument targets:
- Event ["prompt"]" 

Repair removes the Command Instrument from the Scatterer Instrument.

Is this setup not supported? Would it be ok to ignore, and not Repair?

Actually, this seems to be affecting all my Command Instruments. I have some “Set Parameter” Command Instruments on an event that Validation reports

“files contain invalid Command Instrument targets”

This is on FMOD 2.01.04, Windows (although the file was originally created on 2.01.04 Mac).

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve added it to our bug tracker.

As far as my tests have been able to determine, this is a bug in our validator: Command instruments seem to be working perfectly, but are being incorrectly detected as invalid. I therefore recommend avoiding the validator until we have released a new FMOD Studio version containing a fix.

Also having this problem. It’s bad because I want to use the validator to auto-repair another problem, but if I do it will blow away my command instruments… Any projected fix date?

This has been fixed in 2.01.08:

  • Fixed validator removing valid parameter-type command instruments.