Command line building banks

Is there any documentation for the command line functionality? I’d like to use it to build my banks.

If you run from a command prompt, you’ll be presented with all extant documentation. The documentation is reasonably comprehensive; However, as you can see, the current functionality is limited. It should suffice for your purposes, however.

Ahh there it is! Although now I’m running into a separate (but related?) issue. Whenever I try and run the build command on my project it crashes immediately. The reason I said it’s separate is that the same thing happens when I try and open the project by double-clicking on the .fspro file. It doesn’t open at all, just gives me the crash report dialog box. However, I can open the project by running FMOD Studio first, then opening the project from inside the program. Any ideas?

A couple unconventional things I’ve done that may or may not have contributed: 1) The project is under Mercurial version control. Currently everything in the project folder is kept in version control because I’m unclear what files or folders I can safely ignore. 2) I briefly experimented with running FMOD Studio portably, i.e. copying the program folder to the desktop and uninstalling FMOD Studio from my computer. I’ve since reinstalled it, but as far as I know that’s when the problem started.