Studio Project always needs to recover

I am currently trying to automate the building of the banks and I would love to use the commandline commands with FMOD Studio. But sadly we have a problem with our project. If we open the project it always says:

Studio encountered problems while trying to load “Project.fspro”. Would you like to attempt recovery of the project?

I tried validating the project and resaving it, which fixed a few metafiles, but it did nothing. I tried saving it in a different folder and it still wont open without this error. I even tried packaging it, but it also did not work.

The command will not work, because it stops with this error. Is there a way to force continuing the open process via commandline or a way to fix this problem?

After Recovery everything works and building the banks works just fine.

FMOD Version 1.10.13

Without knowing what problems are causing this message to appear when your project is loaded, we’re unable to provide any advice on how to fix it. Are you able to send us a copy of your FMOD Studio project - or of a stripped-down version of the project that exhibits the behavior?

I am allowed to send you the project without the wave files (it happened there too), but I can not provide a public link in this forum for legal reasons. How can I send a link to you privately?

If you register your game project on the projects tab of your profile on this website, you’ll be able to upload files related to that project to us for the purposes of support.