Fmod crashes on Bank Builds and Platform Switching

Hi there,
We have a serious issue with Fmod Studio Tool stability.

Many team members (myself included) are getting crashes when attempting to build any banks, individual, per platform or all banks. Fmod just bombs with no warning or error message. It happens just after the loading phase of the bank build process, it hangs for a couple of seconds and the just closes.

The same is the case when trying to switch Platform within the tool.

For some team members, force syncing to the FMODStudio folder in the depot fixes the issue, but it usually becomes a problem again after a while.

Most of us have resorted to building banks with the command line tool, but this can’t help us when we need to do platform specific work.

Any ideas? Force Re-syncing and nuking cache and user folders hasn’t helped for me so far.

We are on version 1.10.10 and it’s too close to our ship date to update versions…

Please Help!! :pray:

Are you able to send us a copy of your FMOD Studio logs from a session in which this crash occurred? By default, they’re located in “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\FMOD Studio\Logs” if your operating system is Windows, and in “~/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio” if you use macOS X.

It sounds like the issue is most likely related to your source control integration. What source control solution are you using? Do you use an FMOD Studio integration for your source control, or do you use an external application?

Thanks Joseph - I’ll email the logs to

We use P4v for source control. Most of us use the Fmod Studio integration, however the crashes still happen for those of us who don’t use it.

The logs have no info at the timestamp of the crash however…