Help for complete beginner with C#

Hello, I am looking for some help, I have been learning FMOD and so far so good the GUI is fine and have it up and running and I am able to use it in Unity when using the emitters, my issue is not knowing how to start with C# calling sounds and manipulating them, I can not find a very basic tutorial on this, would anyone know where I could get one. Something like; the very first line of script to play a sound and then stop it?

Thanks in advance

Have you looked at the FMOD API documentation? The Studio API Guide contains information on how to perfom basic tasks such as what you describe, with links to the relevant syntax.

Hi 123qwe,

The best resource I could find was a YouTube channel from ScottGameSounds

Otherwise some useful basic bits that I use are:

//For looping sounds
FMOD.Studio.EventInstance engine; //Creates an EventInstance C# can manipulate

RuntimeManager.AttachInstanceToGameObject(engine, transform, rigidbody); //Attaches the 
audio instance to a Unity transform

engine.setParameterByName("RPM", pitch); //Modulate sound by C# variable pitch, with FMOD defined variable RPM 

//For one shot samples
RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/Bike/FX/ShieldBreak", position); //Plays a one shot sample from FMOD GUID path at position

Hope that helps!