Controlling Effect's bypass via snapshot, is it possible?

Hello everyone!

I have looked in the forum but I have not found the answer, I don’t know if I am doing something wrong.
My idea is to appy an effect to a bus (a simple filter) but activate it only when a snapshot is on.
I have tried with the scope in, flip to faders and trying to assignate it to the snapshot but I haven’t managed to be successfull.
I have looked into the documentation but found no clue.
I don’t know, maybe I am missing something or maybe it is not possible to do it this way.

Has anyone able to solve this?
Thank you all in advance!

If there’s no relevant parameter for activating the effect, you could put that effect on a separate bus and automate the send level to this bus in a snapshot.

First of all, thank you for your answer!

In this case what I want is to apply a filter to a bus in the mixing view. The idea being that when something happens I trigger a filter in one of the mixing buses. I could do something with what you are saying, yes (and thank you for the idea!). But it seems kind of weird to me that you cannot activate a filter with a snapshot directly, no? I mean, why have the option to “flip to faders” or “scope in” the bypass of the effect on the first place?

Either way, thank you for your help!

And after thinking twice, the send on a separate bus may not be good, if you want to process the sound entirely (or it should be prefader, while automating the volume fader down when the send is on).

I don’t think an affect could be bypassed with a snapshot, but there’s almost always some parameter in it you can change to go from no effect to the effect you want. With a frequency filter, you can automate either the frequency threshold or the dB reduction. What’s the exact effect you would like to apply, with which values?

As @Alcibiade has pointed out, the best setup for this situation would be to use a pre-fader send set to -oodB which the snapshot brings up to the desired decibel and brings down the group bus’s fader as needed - think of this as a wet/dry property, the send is the wet and the fader is the dry.

There currently isn’t a way to automate bypassing effects but it is something we are interested in looking into in a future release.

Thank you @Alcibiade once again.
Yes, your second idea is useful as well!

And thank you @richard_simms for confirming his first idea.
Thank you both for answering. :slight_smile: