Hi All!
I try get control on DSP effect on bus, and i have problem with this. I have many Bus in my Mixer. And there are some DSP effects on them, like Multiband EQ or other. And i want turn on or turn off Multiband EQ on bus on unity in runtime.

At the time of writing (September of 2018), FMOD Studio does not support automation of effect bypass. Instead, we recommend using a send to route your game’s audio into a second bus that does not feature a multiband EQ effect, and then use snapshots to automate the volume of both buses such that only one is audible at a time.

Hello. I’m also interested in this topic. Can’t the newest Fmod Studio also save the bypass parameter in Snapshot? Are there any way to automate that? We are using very expensive custom made convolution reverb with different presets (we activate them one by one according the location of the player in Unity) so it’s critical for the game development if we cannot bypass it.

Currently there isn’t a way to bypass effects in real time, but it is on our roadmap.

For built-in effects, they will go idle if no audio is running through them (ie. if their wetness level is set to -00dB). If you are using a custom made effect, you need to ensure that the DSP can go idle and return so in the SHOULDIPROCESS callback.