Snapshots Logic

Hello, I am a beginner user of Fmod, and I am trying to understand snapshots and how they work better.
My situation seems very simple, I just want to understand exactly how it should work.

Here I have a song I made that plays in the whole demo of our game, it has a simple labeled parameter with labels Relaxed,Intence,Combat.
I want to make a snapshot, that remixes the music when an Ambience is added to this whole song.
There is a scene where a riot is suppose to be happening, and when I activate it, every part of the song sounds different, and I just want to remix the Intence part only since there are many mid frequencies that are gathering there. When I call the snapshot, which is on an ambience event I made.
Obviously when it is called and the new ambience scene comes, it affects also the combat part.
What is the smartest way to make it activate only when Intence part is playing?

There are a few different ways you do this.

The most effective option that I can think of is to use sends and return buses:

  1. Add two return buses to your mixer, routed into the same group bus as the song event.
  2. In your song event’s master track, add a pre-fader send to each of the new return buses.
  3. Turn the song event’s master track volume down to 0.
  4. Automate the values of the sends such that they send to one return bus only when the Intense part of the song is playing, and to the other return bus then the Relaxed or Combat parts of the song are playing.
  5. Have your snapshot affect the effects and properties of one return bus and not the other.
    Because the event’s signal will only play audibly through the Intense return bus when the event is playing its Intense section, the properties and effects of that bus will only affect the Intense section of that event - meaning that if those properties and affects are controlled by a snapshot, that snapshot will only affect the event when it’s playing its Intense section.

Another method would be to move the effects you’re using to remixes your music inside the music event, and to control its properties using a parameter instead of a snapshot. This methods would consume slightly more resources and require more code to control than the above method, but it would be less work to set up.

Do either of these methods work for you?

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Thank you so much for the answer Joseph! These methods seem very well thought, and I am gonna try to set this up correctly.
Another thing that I thought yesterday being desperate, I set up another snapshot that overrides the Eq snapshot, and I dragged it into the event . So this way I have one Remix snapshot, and one close remix snapshot, The remix snapshot is placed under the ambience event, and the close remix snapshot is placed Under Combat + Relaxed, what do you think of this solution?
Will it be better or it’s gonna cause problems later?
Again thank you very much!

I feel embarrassed for not thinking of this solution myself. It’s both easier to set up and less resource-intensive than either of my suggestions.

The only disadvantage of your method is that it might require slightly more effort to maintain, as if you want to change the mix of one snapshot, you will have to duplicate those changes in the second snapshot. This weakness is also a strength, however, as it means that you could potentially make the two snapshots’ mixes slightly different, if it would be useful to do so.

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