Controlling volume in the master track for looping segments.

I have an Event which has 3 looping segments in it. Each segment introduces one more audio track and at the end of each segment they can all transition to each other.

MusicPhase is my parameter and when it = 1, segment 1 plays, when it = 2, segment 2 plays and so on. When I set my MusicPhase parameter to 0, I want the current segment to continue looping but for the Volume fader on the Master track to fade down to silence over a defined time.

I can’t find a way to do this that is independant of the playback position, but it feels like there should be a way.

Any ideas?

Why must the ramping be achieved independent of playback position? Do you want this to be part of your event’s stopping behavior? Are the instruments on the timeline or on your MusicPhase parameter?


I want the current segment to continue looping (or revert to the first segment) whilst the fade out is in progress. So yeah, I guess I want it to be part of the even’t stopping behaviour. I didn’t added any specific instruments to the event, I just dragged in assets from the library onto the timeline.

Sorry I’m quite new to FMOD so I’m not sure what is, and what isn’t possible.

Cheers for replying.

Ok, so I added a AHDSR modulation to the master track. I’m not too sure I understand how it works, but it seems like it does what I’m hoping for. When I stop the playback it fades out as I require.

Is there a way of detaching this logic from the stop? I would like to modulate the volume, but I would rather the event keeps playing so I can make use of the looping destination markers (I’m triggering UE4 logic with them).

Detaching volume fade from stopping behaviour? Sure, that’s possible. Just add automation to the property you want to control (in this case, master track volume), then add an automation curve controlled by a parameter that causes the volume to go silent when that parameter has certain values.