Stopping an AHDSR instance and then starting it again with smooth transition between attack and release

I have a looping sound for a flame thrower. I have an AHDSR modulator that ramps up the volume for 1 second and fades out for 2. If I start the flamer and then stop it, the sound tails out, but if I start it again, the volume starts from zero, not the current level of the Release matched to the appropriate ramp of the Attack.

How do I get the volume to fade in/out smoothly between plays. I’m a full programmer and code-based solutions aren’t a problem.

As far as I know, attack and release are one shot and can’t be fractionned. You should instead manually automate the volume, by using a custom curve, linked to a parameter. Are you using FMOD studio?

Yeah, FMOD Studio, although I’m not averse to using FMOD Core save the tutorials seem far weaker. I have a game using Unity’s Audio which is fundamentally flawed - attached audio sources stop playing when you disable the object, making them useless for various sound-effects after object removal. So I was going to create a Unity audio manager that spawns and manges sound effects, but then thought I’d give FMOD another try. I’d tried it before in a prototype for background music but not tried it as the full game audio engine.

Either ways, programmatically or within fmod studio, you’ll have to automate the volume manually to achieve what you wan’t. You can’t reverse the stop state of an event, so what you call a “stop” have to be a volume automation fade out, but not an event stop. You’ll stop the event only when the sound reaches 0. I hope I understood correctly your setup.

Okay. Cheers.