Convert 3D event to 2D.... simple, right? 😅

Hello people!
I’ve been building a soundtrack for a scene, and initially I thought 3D might be a good approach, but now I"m leaning more towards 2D. I thought just deleting the spatialiser on the Master channel was all I needed to do (as in, the only difference between 2D & 3D events was that spatialiser plugin being present or not…)

I think I may have underestimated the complexities of the 3D events… is there an easy way to change one’s mind and switch between these options?

=) Thanks!

An event is considered 3D if it has any of the following features:

  • The event has a Spatializer, 3D Object Spatializer, or a 3rd party spatializer on its master track.
  • The event contains an automatic parameter that depends on the event’s 3D attributes:
    • Distance
    • Event Cone Angle
    • Event Orientation
    • Direction
    • Elevation
    • Speed
  • The event contains any nested events which are 3D.

If your event doesn’t contain any of the above then it will be considered 2D.

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