Find 2D Events in FMOD Studio

Hi, is there a way to filter by 2D events in FMOD Studio? I believe that if you filter by FMOD Spatializer you get all the 3D events, and I would need the opposite of that.


There is currently no way to search for all 2D events in FMOD Studio.

This is not the case. The FMOD Spatializer effect does make an event 3D, but it’s not the only thing that can make an event 3D. An event is 3D if it contains at least one built-in parameter, scatterer instrument with 3D behavior, object spatializer effect, plug-in effect with 3D behavior, or instrument with 3D behavior.

I can see how it would be useful to search for both 2D and 3D events in FMOD Studio, so I’ve added this suggestion to our feature and improvement tracker.

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Excellent Joseph, thanks!