Cooldowns in group macros


I was wondering if there was a reason why we can’t control cooldowns at a group macro level?

I’m currently working on a topdown shooter game where short military voicelines are triggered for multiple occasions that can happen in very short succession, they are all grouped by characters, and having a global short cooldown on a group would help avoid situations where 2 lines are followed almost instantly, which leads to unrealistic vocal performances.

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This is an interesting suggestion. I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

In the mean time, have you considered setting your group bus’ Max Instances property to 1 and its Stealing mode to None? This will prevent new event instances playing in that group while an existing event instance is already playing in that group. It won’t prevent one line immediately following another, but it will at least prevent two lines from playing simultaneously.


Yes the group instance is already limited to 1 with no stealing allowed; but it doesn’t help with the situational issue of having a situation where 2 voicelines are triggered very close to each other, I think the only workaround for me will be to add a bit of silence at the end of every event to force a bit of downtime between every potential voiceline.

Thanks for your reply!

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