Adjusting volumes on individual groups of instances


I’m running FMOD Studio and we’re loading our sounds through banks and I’m not too clear on how to set event instances to groups in a similar way to how channel groups work. I will start with an example:

Say we have a multiplayer spell casting game like Magicka, I have 4 players, 1 of them dies, I want to stop the sounds triggered by this player (such as walking and charging a spell) but keep the rest running. Is there a similar way to group all these instances together into something similar to a channel group and I just call a stop/pause function to affect all sounds in this group?

To clarify: I’m not asking about grouping events, but grouping event instances. In the above example the 4 players all use similar sounds, but if I were to group events it will stop all the player’s sounds.

Dynamic mixing is best done via sends. You would still need to statically create one bus per player in the tool.

There is no dynamic grouping behavior for stopping or pausing multiple event instances.