Crash - Changing Tracks (when Transport reaches end of a Sound Container)

Alright, I’ve got a big problem here. FMOD is constantly crashing when the Transport comes to the end of the Container of this Single Sound. Same thing happens wether the single sound is looped or “normal”, and the same thing happens also if it’s a Multi Sound which only contains 1 audio file.

FMOD doesn’t care for the actual length of the audio file, but when it passes the end of the Sound Container, FMOD crashes. When it has been built to Unreal Engine 4, it will eventually crash the entire Editor, because the transport will get to the crashing point eventually.

The Event started working properly for a while when I redid it from scratch, but now it has fallien into the exact same cycle as before. I don’t relish the thought of remaking every Event from scratch for a brief reprieve of working functionality, which then just keeps on crashing, so is there äny solution to this? Or has someone had a similar experience?

FMOD Studio 1.07.06 AND 1.07.07 (tested both)
Win 10

I solved the issue.
The cause was the Convolution Reverb, which always crashed when I changed the default values for Dry/Wet. If I put Dry to 0 dB and Wet to ∞ dB and played, it would crash once it reached the end of the Sound Container. And I have no idea why, since it worked when I first created the Event.

The solution I made was to put all the effects in the Mixer Group (Music) and handled the parameter-based automation through a Mixer Snapshot, which is activated by being on the timeline for the loop in the Event shown below (the Sound Containers overlap now).

If anyone’s interested, the result that I wanted to achieve was to make a loop, but only using 1 audiofile, which still has its tail.

To loop this normally unloopable file, I created a Single Sound containing the song on the 1st track (“Single”), and at the “actual” looping point I created a Multi Sound on the 2nd track (“Multi (Single)”), which only contains the exact same audio file as the Single Sound. Then the looping region starts the 1st Single Sound again when the Multi reaches the looping point.

The reason for having the Multi at the end is that it will continue to play the audio file (the tail, in this case) when the looping region jumps the playhead to the beginning again. A Single Sound would have been “cut”.

Also, the Multi doesn’t need to be as long as the Single Sound, but it makes it much easier to pinpoint the looping point, and it generally helps you keep your sanity.

Hope someone finds this helpful or inspiring in some way :slight_smile:

Picture of the FMOD Event: Screenshot - f432bcf9cf606adfcdbb5c213e3cf8b3 - Gyazo

There is a bug in convolution reverb when the wet is set to -infinity. It will be fixed in 1.07.08 and 1.08.00.

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