Fmod Studio convolution reverb crash 2.01.08

Hey guys,

Just submitted a bug report, gonna report here too.

I’ve found a pretty serious crash bug in FMOD 2.01.08. I’m using it with UE4 4.26.1.

  • When using convolution reverb on the master track with ‘short’ audio files, FMOD studio will crash.
  • When attempting to play the sequences ingame, no audio will play.

This doesnt happen with 2.01.07.

Heres a link to the files needed to recreate the crash: (Also included a video of fmod studio crashing on my system).
Link: FMOD 2.01.08 Bug Recreate - Google Drive

Thanks heaps!

Hi Alan,
I am looking at this now

Hi I thought I replied to this, we’ve reproduced and fixed - details in Known issues for 2.01.08

2.01.09 is now available with this issue fixed.