How to correct sound quality

I have almost the exact same problem this person had here:, but I shall try to go into more detail:

*I also have switched my Format Preferences from 5.1 Surround to Stereo, and switched my Channel Ordering Preferences from Posistional to Standard. No effect.

*I am running this program in Windows 8.

*I have ALL of the audio effects turned off, or all of them that I can figure out how to.

*I use Realtek High Definition Audio for playback on my computer.

*When I import the audio and play it in Audio Bin, it sounds near identical to what I expect to hear listening to the sound normally. The off-sound-quality effect only happens when I’m playing it in an Event Editor.

*If I put an imported mp3 file of the same song into Event Editor., near the end, the song cuts to the beginning and abruptly ends, with no visible jumping by the audio selector. This is fixed by using a converted OGG file via Audacity. Both files have the same off-sound-quality effect when played in the Event Editor…

And while I have looked at this list of whys:, I looked far and wide in FMOD Studio, I was not able to find ANY options to change anything from that list. I need to know how to get my audio file completely unchanged when it goes into the Event Editor, and just telling me why is useless. I am using this audio editing program for something very specific and not-at-all related to what is normally used for this program, so that is all I need to know. Also, since I’m a noob, if instructions could be kept simple, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

The issue where mp3s reach their ends sooner than their displayed waveforms is a known bug. A fix for this issue has been developed, and will be included in all future releases of FMOD Studio.

Incidentally, Studio re-encodes all audio content when you build your project, so there’s no advantage to putting your source audio files in mp3 format.

Based on the information you’ve provided in comments, the change you’e hearing is due to the presence of 3D Panner effects. A 3D Panner effect is automatically added to the master track of every event created in the folders browser, as the overwhelming majority of events in most games need to be spatialized; However, it is an effect like any other, and can be removed if the effect it has on the signal is inappropriate.


Removing the 3D Panner effects in the Master track did work. I also slightly increased the volume of the Audio track to 0.50 dB to get it to a nearly flawless replica of the original. But if there’s a way to increase the volume by smaller increments, I would be happy to hear it.

@ColinProsser If you double-click on the value of any dial (in this case, the text that says “0.50 dB”), you can edit the value of the dial as a text field. You can also hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key while clicking and dragging the dial to adjust its value in smaller increments.

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Thank you.