Crash report analysis and 2.02.07 debug symbols request

Can anyone help analyze these FMOD–related crashes? We suspect that there might be some issues with Photon Voice. We’ve successfully done all the workarounds to integrate Photon Voice with FMOD using an event with a programmer instrument. The game seemed more stable before release, but once our game became live, we’ve had thousands of FMOD crashes a day, as you can see. Thanks in advance for any help!

We also need access to the 2.02.07 debug codes. Thank you!

Most of the symbols are obfuscated so it’s difficult to determine the cause of crashes, linking with the logging version of FMOD should yield better symbol information if you can reproduce these crashes in-house.

That said, the top offender, an unsatisfied link error from OutputAAudioHeadphonesChanged is a known issue fixed in 2.02.08. You don’t need to take a new drop of FMOD to implement the fix though, it’s a simple change to the FMOD Unity integration, in RuntimeManager.cs:157 in the Instance accessor, there is a call to RuntimeUtils.EnforceLibraryOrder() near the bottom of the try-catch. You need to move it to the top of the try-catch, it has to be before the Android-specific initialization performed there.

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Thanks for the response, Mathew. Would you advise to move from 2.02.07 all the way through .12 (current) or just to .08?

As I mentioned above, if you are looking to minimize changes for a released product a small tweak to the Unity integration script is all that is needed. However, if you are keen on taking an update then I’d always recommend jumping up to the latest patch for your major version, so in this case 2.02.12.

Thank you again. Looks like the .08 API did the trick. Would it be possible to get all the debug codes through 2.02.12?

Hi Lance,

I’ve uploaded debug symbol archives for all of the requested FMOD for Unity packages to the Uploads section of your user profile.

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