Crashing in unity due to fmod (probably dsp)


we’re having a problem with fmod in unity and on ios. here’s the situation:

i have a music event that plays upon entering a round. this won’t stop until the end of the round. it has two channels that send to the mixer. in the mixer i have two reverb sends set up (long and medium sized & short and big). so those two channels send to them.

i also send a fair amount of sfx events to those two reverb sends too.

there was a point where we had spatial stuff going to filtered and panned sends in the mixer and then on to the reverb but we took them out as it felt like that was too expensive.

so, we’ve been culling these sends as we think it’s the sends that cause the crashes. to testify towards this, we removed events that sent to the reverb channels that occurred frequently (guns, explosions) and crashing ceased.

my question is, could it be that we’re sending too much to the sends? would it be better creating an SFX reverb send at the cost of another reverb unit? would it be better to just bake in the reverb at the cost of space (longer audio files)?

is there a better solution we’re not seeing?

thansk in advance for any replies

It’s difficult to say what could be causing the crash without seeing the crash logs. There shouldn’t be a limit to how many sends you use, but using many instances of reverb DSPs will be very expensive. It might be better to use one reverb that is changed by snapshots.

Baked in effects will be less expensive than DSP effects but at the cost of space/memory. It depends on which is more important to your game.

hey thanks for the reply!

i read your post and got to work. currently switching out some banks to have baked in reverb, some to be reverb free (if they still sound good) and very select few that need it, have a send to a channel with dynamic reverb.

so far, so good!

thanks again for your response.