If there are a lot of the same sounds, I get a message [FMOD] DSPJobList::addJob :

We have a project, a military RTS, we use a large number of events and sounds in one scene at the same time.
We started to get these messages and I also hear a “crackle” during sound playback.
Please tell me what may be the problem, and are there any recommendations or settings to optimize the project with a large number of events and sounds?

We use Unity engine 2021.2.6f1

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With a large number of events and assets being loaded, it can happen that the FMOD system runs out of resources needed to operate smoothly. I would recommend researching into event max instances, stealing, the virtual voice system, and event priorities to try and manage resources in a way that doesn’t cause the crackling and warnings you are experiencing.



You should also use the Live Update to see which events in particular could be using the most resources to focus on managing.