UE4 - Sounds are not playing when multiple events are spawned

Using Fmod Studio 1.10.00 with AudioMotors 1.00.00 plug-in and Unreal 4.17.2

I’m experiencing an issue with a few events which have AudioMotors modules and a few Convolution Reverbs. When multiple events like these are spawned in-game, a lot of the sounds stop playing. I assume thise may be due to DSP constraints, as I am getting the following warnings:

LogFMOD: Warning: f:\jk\workspace\1.10_UE4.17_Win64\lowlevel_api\src\fmod_dspi.cpp(1258) - DSP JobList expanding job from 1024 entries to 2048 entries.
LogFMOD: Warning: f:\jk\workspace\1.10_UE4.17_Win64\studio_api\src\fmod_asyncmanager.cpp(320) - WARNING. Flushing async studio command buffer due to full size.

Should I increase the DSP Buffer Length/Count to a different value, in the project settings? Or is it something else?

Thank you.

In the meantime, I’ve tried raising the Real Channel Count to 256 and the Total Channel Count to 2048, and it seems I can get more instances being played back. Still, when I reach that limit, audiomotors instances will stop being loaded.

I’ve been reading the FMOD documentation regarding virtual vs. real voices and I was wondering if the problem might be related to this. As I understood, the virtual voices are unloaded when they are no longer required? (Does this happen when the attenuation reaches maximum value?).

So far, it seems audiomotors instances will not load as soon as the total voice count is reached.

This is becoming a bit problematic as the game can have up to dozens of vehicle events running at the same time. I was under the impression the virtual voice system would kill the further/quieter ones and playback again when they are closer to the camera? It seems this is working with all sounds except AudioMotors modules.